Yuki Takahashi

Name of university
Fukushima University
Fuculty of Administration and Social Scences
Associate Professor
Human and Society

Research Fields

Probation, Criminal Policy, Criminology, Criminal Law

Research Keywords

Criminal Law
Offenders' Rehabilitation


Research Subject

The Local Criminal Policy for the Best Public Policy

Research Outline

F.V.List’s famous proverb of “the best criminal policy as the best public policy” is often cited in the field of criminology. Here, I focus on how the best public policy should be like from the standpoint of ex-offenders’ rehabilitation and reintegration.
  Since the late 20th century, we have experienced a“punitive turn”in many jurisdictions. However,“tough on crime”initiatives do not necessarily reduce crimes. In addition, every offenders cannot be easily corrected through an uniform rehabilitation programme based on psychology or mental medicine. Furthermore, various problems which bring about their crimes in our community have been due to absence of “the best public policy”.
  Obviously, an evidence-based offenders’ rehabilitation programme and a social welfare system for ex-offenders are necessary. However, it is more important to make our community  more inclusive for those with vulnerabilities thorough a community-based approach. A paradigm change is needed from valuing quantitative improvement or development to empathizing with each person’s conflict and recovery. The paradigm change can provide new solutions in criminal justice and for other problems like unfairness, mental illness, and environmental disruption. 
  My research on ex-offenders’ rehabilitation explores “the best public policy” from both the humanities and science standpoint.