TI-FRIS Fellows

TI-FRIS recruits TI-FRIS Fellows from participating universities every year. The program takes up to five years, with a follow-up period of five further years. In the programs provided by TI-FRIS, TI-FRIS Fellows will engage in regular interdisciplinary researcher exchanges with different specializations and institutions, ongoing international collaborative research with overseas researchers, and application of research findings in society.

Selection Method

Preliminary selection will be conducted by each university. Applicants are selected from the perspective of selecting TI-FRIS Fellows that take advantage of the diversity of the participating universities, a feature of the project, and the method for conducting the preliminary selection to determine applicants will be entrusted to each university.

After selecting (document selection) applicants from each university via a Faculty Evaluation Committee established by TI-FRIS, the TI-FRIS Fellows will be decided after deliberation by the Program Steering Committee.

The purpose of TI-FRIS program is to support the spring boarding of outstanding young researchers, so early-career researchers will also be actively selected as TI-FRIS Fellows. Additionally, diversity in research areas, gender, and nationality, etc. will also be considered when selecting TI-FRIS Fellows.

Program Information Session (held online on March 21, 2024)
Explanatory Material: Overview of TI-FRIS (English)
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