Taichi Goto

Name of university
Tohoku University
Research Institute of Electrical Communication
Associate Professor
Materials and Energy

Research Fields

Magneto-Optical, Materials&Device

Research Keywords

High-power lasers
Nanomicroscale devices

Research Subject

Fabrication of hetero-epitaxial magnetooptical multilayers and their
application to high power optical device chips.

Research Outline

Transparent magnetic garnets have a strong interaction between magnetism and light (magnetooptical effect), and light can be controlled by a magnetic field. For example, by using a magnetic field to change the magnetization state of a magnetic material (the direction of the N pole and the S pole), it is possible to change the direction of light traveling through the magnetic material or change the polarization plane of light. In this research, optical modulation technology using magnetism, which has such advantages, is used for high-power lasers. High-power lasers made from magnetic materials can be miniaturized to about 1/100 or less of the size when other physical phenomena are used, and in principle can be made to the size of a microchip. However, in order to make a chip out of a small-sized high-power laser, a high-quality magnetic film is required, and at the same time, there are technical issues such as the need for multiple layers. Hence, we aim to solve these problems one by one and realize an optical device chip with unprecedented high power. The opinions and cooperation of researchers from a wide range of fields are essential for the implementation of this research. Through the TI-FRIS project, we will actively take advantage of these opportunities and make this research attractive.