Hiroya Abe

Name of university
Tohoku University
Frontier Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Sciences
Assistant Professor
Device and Technology

Research Fields

Bio-inspired design, Electrochemical Bio-sensors, Electrocatalysts for energy devices

Research Keywords

Polymer science

Research Subject

Bio-inspired devices and materials for energy and environmental sciences

Research Outline

All living things have outstanding functions throughout the body. Because I am fascinated by the sophisticated functions of living organisms, my research aims to understand and mimic the functions of nature and beyond nature.
My research focuses on the fabrication of biosensors, polymeric materials, and energy devices based on electrochemistry and polymer chemistry. For example, we have succeeded in mimicking the functions of living things on a macro-scale, such as water repellency, oil repellency, foam repellency, and anti-microbial adhesion, by controlling the excellent surface wettability. We have also focused on the excellent oxygen adsorption ability of hemoglobin in humans, and have designed and synthesized similar oxygen adsorbent molecules, which have been applied as highly active oxygen reduction electrochemical catalysts for fuel cells.
Currently, I am working on the design of devices and materials that contribute to the energy and environmental fields beyond nature systems. For example, we are trying to design devices that combine "biomimetic hydrogels adhering to bio-tissues" and "measuring signaling molecules in the body" (neurotransmitters, hormones, nutrition, stress markers, etc.). We are also designing energy devices (charge/dischargeable metal-air batteries, fuel cells, capacitors) using biomimetic electrochemical catalysts.