Satoshi IIHAMA

Name of university
Tohoku University
Frontier Research Institute For Interdisciplinary Sciences
Assistant Professor
Advanced Basic Science

Research Fields

Condensed Matter Physics, Magnetism, Spintronics

Research Keywords

Material Sciences
Organic Electronics

Research Subject

Pioneering energy-efficient magnetization manipulation by light

Research Outline

Light is fast and low loss; therefore, it has been used as an information carrier in telecommunication. Also, light is promising for use in next-generation information processing devices. On the other hand, information can be stored by nanomagnets and magnetic memory devices has been developed. Based on above backgrounds, energy-efficient magnetization manipulation by light could be a key for future information processing device. Light has been used to probe information of nanomagnets since a long time ago. We can detect magnetic information of nanometer-thick thin film samples by using light polarization. Recently, on the other hand, it was demonstrated that polarized light can be used to generate magnetic field or magnetization to manipulate magnetization [Fig. a]. In order to increase energy-efficiency and speed of magnetization manipulation interdisciplinary points of view such as materials physics, optical physics, plasmonics, optical vortex and so on must be integrated [Fig. b]. In this project, I will try to pioneer new technology for energy-efficient magnetization manipulation by light. Also, I will try an interdisciplinary research based on my research experience if there is an opportunity to collaborate with researchers in the other field. I would like to grow as a researcher who has knowledge of multidisciplinary science through this project.