March 4, 2021

1st TI-FRIS International Symposium / FRIS Annual Meeting 2021

The 1st International Symposium of TI-FRIS will be held on 24 and 25 March, 2021, which is combined with 2020 Annual Meeting of Frontier Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Sciences (FRIS), Tohoku University. The symposium contains several invited lectures of “Transferable Skills Training” and “Socially Implemented Research” programs, which are presented by Profs. N. Produit (University of Geneva), Y.H. Lee (Korea Basic Science Institute), R. Shineha (Osaka University), Y. Furuse (Kyoto University) and Dr. S. Kamei (Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.).

March 23-24, 2021

Online (via Zoom)

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  • 学際研究講座 古瀬佑樹 助教(京都大学)/Academic Research Lecture : Virus Research from Cellular to Global Level
     Assistant Prof. Yuki Furuse, Kyoto University
  • 産業界R&D・社会実装講座 亀井信一研究理事((株)三菱総合研究所)/Industry R&D and Societal Research Implementation Lecture : TBD
    Dr. Shinichi Kamei, Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.
  • トップ研究者講座 Dr. Nicolas Produit(Univ. Geneva)/Lectures from Top Researcher : What I have learned in establishing and running an international collaboration
    Dr. Nicolas Produit, University of Geneva
事業紹介(JST 安浦寛人PD、文科省人材政策課人材政策推進室)/Strategic Professional Development Program for Young Researchers, JST/MEXT
TI-FRISの事業概要紹介(早瀬敏幸 所長/TI-FRISプログラムマネージャー)/Introduction of TI-FRIS, Prof. Toshiyuki Hayase, Program Manager, TI-FRIS
TI-FRIS育成対象者研究紹介/Short Time Presentation, TI-FRIS development candidates
ショートプレゼンテーション(新領域創成研究部)/Short Time Presentation, Creative Interdisciplinary Research Division, FRIS
※FRIS/TI-FRIS Members only
  • トップ研究者講座 Dr. Young-Ho Lee(Korea Basic Science Institute (KBSI) Principal Researcher)/Lectures from Top Researcher : TBD
    Prof. Young-Ho Lee, Korea Basic Science Institute (KBSI)
  • 社会インパクト講座 標葉隆馬 准教授(大阪大学)/Industry R&D and Societal Research Implementation Lecture : TBD
    Assoc. Prof. Ryuma Shineha, Osaka University
TI-FRIS育成対象者研究紹介/Short Time Presentation, TI-FRIS development candidate
学際研究促進プログラム報告/Promoted Program for Interdisciplinary Research
学際研究支援プログラム報告/Support Program for Interdisciplinary Research
ショートプレゼンテーション(領域創成研究プログラム、学際研究共創プログラム、先端学際基幹研究部)/Short Time Presentation, Program for Creative of Interdisciplinary Research, Creative Interdisciplinary Collaboration Program, Advanced Interdisciplinary Research Division, FRIS