December 7, 2022

TI-FRIS/FRIS Symposium 2023

TI-FRIS Fellows, FRIS faculty members, and principal investigators of FRIS's research programs will gather to present this fiscal year's achievements. Inaddition, an introduction to TI-FRIS by the TI-FRIS Program Manager and invited lectures (TI-FRIS Transferable Skills Training Program) by prominent researchers from Japan and abroad will be given.

We look forward to your participation.
シンポジウムウェブサイト / Symposium Website

シンポジウム概要 / Symposium Outline

日時 / Date & Time:
  February 13 (Mon) and 14 (Tue), 2023, 9:00-
会場 / Venue:

  A hybrid of onsite at Tohoku University Katahira Sakura Hall and online
  (via Zoom) participations.
招待講演者 / Invited Lecturers:

 ・水野雅裕 理事(研究・地域連携担当)・副学長(岩手大学)
  Prof. Masahiro Mizuno (Iwate University)
 ・Prof. Chen-Zhong Li (Tulane University, USA)
 ・Prof. Stefan Kaskel (Technische Universität Dresden, Germany)
 ・小島武仁 教授(東京大学)
  Prof. Fuhito Kojima (The University of Tokyo)
 ・金子沙永 准教授(北海道大学)
  Prof. Sae Kaneko (Hokkaido University)
プログラム概要 / Program Overview:

  Lecture Course by Top Researchers (Invited Lectures)
  Lecture Course on Societal Impact (Invited Lectures)
  Lecture Course on Interdisciplinary Research (Invited Lectures)
  Introduction to TI-FRIS
  Short Presentation by TI-FRIS Fellows and FRIS Creative Interdisciplinary
  Research Division Members
  Presentation by FRIS Advanced Interdisciplinary Research Division Members
  Presentation by PIs of FRIS's Research Programs
  Poster Session (Afternoon, February 14)
  Social Gathering (Evening, February 13)
発表言語 / Language:

  English or a mixture of Japanese and English (some presentations only in

発表・参加登録 / Registration
フォーム / Registration Form:

 ・発表あり / w/ presentation:
 ・参加のみ / w/o presentation:

締め切り / Registration Deadlines:

  w/ presentation: 12:00 (noon) on December 16 (Fri), 2022
  w/o presentation: 12:00 (noon) on February 6 (Mon), 2023